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Topic: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

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    KHSO Ruby Ever ?


    Just wondering - is KHSO Ruby ever going to be released ? As a happy owner of his Emerald Library for K2, I'm chomping at the bit to get the "whole enchilada" of Ruby. AFAIC, Ruby will make Emerald everything I wish it was now....

    A date and time on the horizon, Kirk ?

    Thanks much,

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    Hi John.

    Some of what's taking so long (is it really THAT long?) is that we are contemplating recording more new solo strings, and also going through the vast amount of already recorded material to add all kinds of layers to Emerald. But we have to make sure it all stays consistent with the same "feel". Also, programming the legatoLive and IntervaLive instruments across the symphonic, chamber and solo palettes takes quite some time.

    However, since it's coming along in stages, we MIGHT take into consideration the idea of releasing it in parts as they get done if folks REALLY want that option. For example, the LegatoLive and IntervalLive strings are coming along first....


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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    I would buy the stings first, as I already have a good orchestra selection, so count me in to getting the module ahead of the full deal.

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    Quote Originally Posted by KirkHunter
    Some of what's taking so long (is it really THAT long?) is that we are contemplating recording more new solo strings[...]
    More solo instruments? Bravo! I feel that building small sections out of solos is a way to achieve great sound, and it opens the door to smaller pieces, divisi (auto divisi of solo instruments would be VERY nice), and--oh, I have to go to work!

    Best regards,
    Chris. Dratz

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    more solo strings? Such as a different (perhaps sweeter/lighter) cello? I'll happily give you another couple of months, Kirk, if that's the way you're going!

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    Hi Kirk,

    I bought your Solo Strings a few months ago and I am very happy with them.
    However, if you are comtemplating on recording more new solo strings can I suggest a few strongly needed articulations like Sul Ponticello(with & without tremolo), Sul Tasto, Jete & Harmonic Gliss. If I could only pick one it would be various Sul Ponticello articulations.

    All the best!

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    I hope some time will also be spend on some proper documentation. For me that was the ONLY really low point of Emerald. I like using it, but the inadequate documentation is pulling the quality of the whole product down.
    Greetings from Vienna!
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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    Given the sound of the Emerald (I only have the original for K2) I'm sure Ruby will be nothing less than stunning. Well worth any wait.

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    Re: KHSO Ruby Ever ?

    Yes, Kirk - My original post was made purely from the fact that Emerald KHSO is AMAZING, and I want MORE !! :-)

    Just being my usual impatient self ; when I find something that sounds as great as your library does, and then read what's coming to really complete the library, I go a bit crazy...

    So - please don't be offended by my asking "when" and "why so long", etc... I know RUBY will be worth the wait - I'm just anxious for more great sounds from you, that's all...

    Thanks for the reply, and the great work - you're amazing !


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