I am looking for a midi controller just for my plug ins. Im using nuendo with a hammerfal card a 9652 but I mix through a panasonic DA7. The panasonic will control the faders if I want it to but I want something that will control my plugins. I use some waves plug ins, the L3 but usually in sound forge so I dont know if that would work. I use the IR-1 reverb and the ssl package. I have a uad-1 card, and URS, the complete package. I also have a lot of vst instruments, B4, atmoshere, trilogy, RMX, Knotakt, NI FM7, controling everything would be great but Im more concerned about controling eq and compressors, in other words my audio plug ins.

I have looked at the evolution, the behringer bcr 2000, can you assing the rotor knobs on it to do any function. Also Ive looked at some used motor mixes. If anyone has used any of these I would appreciate some input on how they work,