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Topic: "The Copper Drain" - GPO/JABB/All kinds of stuff

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    "The Copper Drain" - GPO/JABB/All kinds of stuff

    This composition makes use of two Garritan Libraries - The Jazz and Big Band Library and the Personal Orchestra Library amongst a slew of weird quasi-electronic musical sounds. It's my first 'real' composition using either libraries after having played around with several smaller compositions. With that said, things may still sound a bit weird as I haven't developed any real technique with the program - but I'm getting there.

    "The Copper Drain" is a stage for an experimental console game called "The OzSmith" - a fast paced, frantic plateform game set in a kind of fantasy 'industrial revolution' parrallel universe where the main character (a wizard) learns to use steel engineering to amplify his magical powers. I can't tell you what Genre this piece is in - it's kind of ambient/swing jazz/symphonic/almost heavy metal in some cases. Anyway, tell me what you think? Is there anything I can improve/add/take away - or just tell me what you think of the song. Thanks:


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    Re: "The Copper Drain" - GPO/JABB/All kinds of stuff


    Wow you certainly stated it correctly in saying there are some wierd things in there. I would love to see the game this music belongs to. What a twisted piece I love it!



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    Re: "The Copper Drain" - GPO/JABB/All kinds of stuff

    Well, I'm glad you like it . I'm still working up some concept material for the game. If I can, I'll post them here along with a few extra tracks from the game. I'm still 'playign around with it' kind of - in a way.

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    Re: "The Copper Drain" - GPO/JABB/All kinds of stuff

    Great job on this -- really wild, effective, frenetic soundscaping!

    Keep it coming. The one comment I'd make is... a little less clutter and a little more clarity -- there's a lot of the "good stuff" going on in here; it's strong material; but I'd suggest parsing it out a little leaner so the ear doesn't have to work so hard to grasp it.


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