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Topic: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

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    'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

    Fredrik Schultz has sent in his A Midsummer Wedding. Here is a link to the composition:


    This is Fredeik's second classical inspired score he has written. It was written as a wedding gift to a friend who got married during midsummer's eve this year.

    He wrote that he wanted to write something that reflected both the occassion and the bright swedish summer and that it was composed during a three day period (approximately 6-7 hours in total) ranging from mockup to the final orchestration. Fredrik is learning orchestration and is using GPO as a tool to do so.

    The instrumentation is as follows (in order of appearance): comp (strings & brass): - vlns 1 short bows - cellos short bows - violas lush - basses sus+short - basses pizzicato - tuba 1 solo - french horn 1 plr1 - french horn 1 plr2; melody (strings/primary): - violin 2 strad plr2 - violin 3 guarn plr1 - viola plr2; melody (strings/secondary): - violin 2 strad plr1 - violin 1 gagli plr1 - viola plr1; melody (woodwind #1): - bb clarinet plr1 - bb clarinet plr2 - bass clarinet plr2; melody (brass): - tpt 1 plr1 - tpt 1 plr2 - french horn 2 plr1 - french horn 2 plr3 - tenor tbone plr2; melody (woodwind #2): - oboe 1 modern plr1 - oboe 1 modern plr2 - english horn plr1

    Very beautiful work Fredrik. It must have made the wedding very special. I cannot think of a better wedding gift to a friend. Thanks for sending this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

    I concur!

    Lovely melody and orchestration, Fredrik!
    That clarinet solo is gorgeous, almost haunting!
    Great work with the brass as well!
    I also enjoy your tempo choice. For a happy event you've kept the time at a good, uplifting pace.
    Congratulations and good luck with your future music-making endeavours!

    And congrats to the bride and groom as well!

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    Re: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

    Lovely work, Fredrik!

    Beautifully lyrical melodic writing, and able orchestration
    consistent with the material.

    I would suggest perhaps a little less reverb? And a bit
    more attention to tempi and dynamics.

    A delight to listen to, Fredrik; please -- bring us more!


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    Re: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

    Nice work Fredrik... The piece definitely has an uplifting tempo but the melody in the violin and clarinet give attention to the happily haunting feeling of remembrance. This will be a gift that will last a long time and only increase in value as it will surely bring back wonderful memories...

    Thanks for sharing...

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    Re: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz


    Lovely work...wonderful gift that you have presented to the wedded couple.

    You might consider lightening the background parts as they tend to be a little heavy and repetivite and thereby overshadow the melody lines. This is especially true with the solo instruments like the clarinet that are nearly lost.



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    Re: 'A Midsummer Wedding' by Fredrik Schultz

    Thank you very much for the kind words and creative feedback. Much appreciated


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