Has anyone everhad their GgaPulse instances go missing from an otherwise properly saved performance?

I just loaded up a performance that uses ports one and two, with each input channel routed to one of three channel groups, which are then passed on to three aux busses via pre fader sends. The midi mixer only showed channels 1-8, followed immediately by channels 13-16 (ie. Channels9-12 were missing from the view). OK. Fine. I've had giga's midi mixer view look at me funny before, often one can overcome this by minimizing/maximizing the window in order to refresh. Not so this time. So I hit play in sonar, only to find that those missing channels were not making a sound, thuis making this more than just a display problem. The channels were actually gone. Then I inspected the loaded instruments pane. The instruments that occupied those channels were not loaded. Weird. Hitting play again, I also noticed that things sounded really dry. I checked my routing, and discovered that my near, far, and farther instances of gigapulse were not there.

This part has also happened to me before, but I usually just chalked it up to user error, rebuilt my routing scheme, and started up again. I was reluctant to admit fault this time, as I had meticulously saved a copy to each of two machines on the network, making sure to "save entire gigastudio environment". So I closed giga, and opend the same file (not the backup version) again. It loaded perfectly, with all my channels, routing, and g-pulse intact. So the first time there must've been an error loading the performance.

I am using GS3 Orchestra 3.2 on a P4 2.93 GHz w/1.5 gigs of RAM. 160 gig system drive, 80 gig sample drive, Delta AP2496 card.

Anyone had gigapulse disappear? I'm curious to know whether you find it to happen randomly or at your own fault...IF the former, next timeyou may want to try closing giga w/o saving ,and reloading your .gsp. Also worthy of note is the fact that I opened this performance very soon (like, seconds) after window booted up...maybe too soon? Please share your experiences. I'd like to know what I'm up against here.