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Topic: GPO on iMac

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    GPO on iMac

    Dear All

    I've tried posting this before but it never appeared. Anyway, here's my q.

    i'm using GPO with my iMac. I record a mide track - 1st Vlns. I then go back to the beginning and try to record the mod wheel over it but no joy - it overwrites the original midi data. I also own Sonar & Cubase and can do this easily with these daws but not it seems garageband. Mac users, am I doing something wrong?

    Whats the plan for the RK tuts - any chance of putting them on a dvd and selling it - I'd be up for buying.

    Cheers, M

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    Re: GPO on iMac

    Try posting to Apple's GarageBand forum.

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    Re: GPO on iMac

    Maestro D,

    There are a couple of tutorials on our Garage Band resource page. Try following it step by step and see if that helps. Here is the link - http://garritan.com/GPO-GarageBandPage.html

    Perhaps it is a setting in GarageBand where the controller information must be set to blend rather than overwrite. I see this option in other sequencers.

    The RK course will be made into a hard copy DVD once we go through the course.

    Thanks for posting.

    Gary Garritan

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