I know there's a GS3 forum, but they have not been able to help me. This problem is actually more about the library sounds itself than the use of GS, so I hope someone can help me with this NEWBIE question.

In GS3 ENSEMBLE, most of the sound libraries are not SOLO instruments, they are a collection of ENSEMBLE sounds. For example, the Sonic Implants Ens Strings Con Sordino R is what I am loading into GS3's CHANNEL 1. I am NOT stacking instruments. This ONE instrument is actually a collection of sounds for 1st Violin, 2nd Violin, Bass, Viola and Cello; an ENSEMBLE. But my problem is that it is ONE INSTRUMENT. The range of voices are from C1 to C7 for this ONE INSTRUMENT.

How do I program an ENSEMBLE to play using ONE INSTRUMENT as the MIDI input channel? I can send MIDI notes to that channel and get sound out, but if I send, for example a C4....I think all of those instruments can play a C4....if I only send ONE C4 - which one is playing???? If I send 5 C4's do they ALL play? How would it know?

I am very frustrated with this library. I have read the manual, I have taken tutorials on the other website. NOTHING I have found says anything about how to use the ENSEMBLE as a SINGLE INSTRUMENT.

PLEASE help!