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Topic: Undo Redo garbage

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    Undo Redo garbage

    Cut a written measure, cut another (Notes & bar lines) then undo to put it back and notes to the right of the edit jumble together. Not sure what notes to fix but even the nTempo gets two- voice like note offsets. It plays correctly but visually it’s so messed I don't have the patience to try and clean it up. Redo gets the edit back fine but I no longer wanted the edit so it's re write time.

    BTW My preferred "save as" (1.1 to 1.2) before doing an edit always quits the app. when closing (1.2). (1.1 will be the recovered file but with some of version 1.2's edits) so don't save the recovered file or 1.1 will be changed.

    Creativity turned to frustration.

    Mac PPC OS 10.4.8, 6gb Apple ram
    Notion 1.5.7 (1.7 inst.)
    Ext. Strings & Woodwinds.
    Crash log submitted

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    Re: Undo Redo garbage

    I use both PCs and MAc although I prefer the latter. However, I notice that the Mac version is a little clunkier than the PC. I notice that the support bar is always on the right side of the pane even if I save the piece with it on the left On my PCs it defaults to the left side as I want it....weird.

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