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Topic: Rosegardenmusic for Linux

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    Rosegardenmusic for Linux

    Has anyone tried RoseGarden for Linux? It looks rather interesting but haven't installed it on a system with MIDI support to try it out yet.

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    Re: Rosegardenmusic for Linux

    You really dont need a "system with midi" since it can output to the several sofsynths that there exist in Linux. If you hasnt yet, you can try with AGNULA distribution, that is pre-made for midi&audio.
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    Re: Rosegardenmusic for Linux

    I tried Rosegarden out a year ago, but it has changed a good bit since then apparently. However, when I tried it, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I prefered Finale and Sibelius over it.
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    Re: Rosegardenmusic for Linux

    I've tried it a little bit, using free instrument plugins available under linux. I think it's a very interesting program, and I like it's notation posibilities. Anyway I haven't used it enough because the lack of VST support under linux (no GPO )
    It took many troubles trying to get vst's working under linux, and actually they didn't work. So I'm waiting for easier integration in the future to explore more fully the posibilities of Rosegarden.

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