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Topic: music for a luxary home tour video

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    music for a luxary home tour video

    Hey guys!!

    I got a small job doing music for this luxary home tour video, basically a video tour of a mult-million dollar house with voice over that runs for just over 7 minutes. (it's used to sell the house, for the real estate company) There's some changes to be made, but I thought I'd share what I've got.

    "Joie de vivre"



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    Re: music for a luxary home tour video

    Hey Chris... Great news on getting the job... This piece seems very robust with solid orchestration and precision impact of the percussion. Nicely balanced with interludes of the woodwinds; and the chimes give a great dreamy mood... I'm sure this will work perfectly for the video...

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    Re: music for a luxary home tour video

    Congrats on the gig, Chris!

    Really nice job on this -- smooth, well rendered,
    and some fine composing going on, as well. The
    lyrical passages in this are golden... very moving
    melodic work.

    I hope you get a cut on that commission... lol!

    My best,


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