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Topic: Strad sections?

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    Strad sections?

    Hello, folks. First time poster here, though I've been reading the forum almost daily for quite some time. It's nice to have such a community. Makes it feel like home. By the way, hats off to Gary for being so involved, for being such a gentleman, and for making such great products. Strad is first on my list of purchases, and I can't wait for the other strings for a killer quartet!

    I did my first orchestration project for Christmas last year (church project), and GPO was amazing. I'm getting ready to start another Christmas project to be finished next year. This one's personal.

    So on to my first question. I got awesome results with GPO by layering solo strings with the sections. I also got awesome results with a double string quartet. Gary, is it possible to layer the Strad to do a section or partial section without resorting to tricks? I vaguely remember some post some time back where you were mentioning something about sections (talk about vague) and asked the poster to PM you about it. Please tell me there's some hope.

    Thanks so much.


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    Re: Strad sections?

    just my 2 cents..
    I recently added a live performance of the Strad to a real string quartet, with very good results, but I also tried adding a second pass of the Strad (with a second performance, i.e. not simply playing the original sequence a second time with a few tweaks), and I'm afraid that did not sound convincing at all.. the sound of the two takes was too similar. Hopefully, with the extra "Lyrical" instrument in Strad 2, it should be possible to overcome that problem.
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    Re: Strad sections?

    You can get some very different strad sounds with some tasty EQ or even using a different impulse for the body if you have Kontakt 2. For a radical alteration, listen to my Halloween entry posted in this thread. There I use the impulse for a grammophone horn, and though it doesn't quite sound like a strad, it sounds "real" in its own way.

    One interesting try was to pass it through the impulse for the body of an acoustic guitar. It sounded a lot like a viola, though perhaps a cheap one. I'm sure that when the lyrical version comes in, it will be easily doubled with the original and sound like a second player.

    But I think the real way to get a convincing second would be to make sure the playing is different! Try pushing up the volume on one while using lower CC11 values. Slightly detune one, and make sure they sit in different pan positions. Give them different preferences for intensity and speed of vibrato. Make one of them drag slightly behind the beat and use more intense bowing.

    I'm sure there are many ways you can go with this!
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    Re: Strad sections?

    Generally, even stacking Live Players doesn't work very well. I will usually set up two sets of mics. Do one Pass with Mutes if it isn't a loud song...encourage different vibrato on one pass.


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    Re: Strad sections?

    Thanks all for responding. I was trying to ask Gary about the possibility of a section builder more along the lines of the GPO solo violins, i.e. different samples. You're right about the lyrical violin as a second voice, I didn't think about that one.

    Of course, varying performances was assumed. I'm hoping for a "natural" solution and not tricks, although I'm not so much opposed to tricks.

    Thanks again.


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    Re: Strad sections?

    Hi Cornel,

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing about your Christmas orchestration project last year. Hope to hear it sometime.

    I have not layered the strad to do a partial section. I just posted a demo in this section with the Strad doing a duet. Perhaps if you use the Ensemble building with GPO and the two pathces (Lyrical and Classical) in the Strad you can get some good results.

    We'll do some experiments and see what is possible.



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