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Topic: Real Spaces

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    Real Spaces


    I just read about the Real Spaces and posted a question there, but I guess no one reads that thread.. does anyone know what's up with that product? I didn't even know it existed, but it sounds just like what everyone needs!! Cool!

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    Re: Real Spaces

    I remeber some people talking about it earlier in this forum (in the recent 1-2 weeks), but can't find the thread... It was in this subforum, though. Maybe you can find it by searching for Garys posts in this forum in the last few weeks.
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    Re: Real Spaces

    Gary mentioned something about Moore's law not keeping up with its end of the deal. Basically, the engine that is in development will let you position multiple impulses (so each instrument has its own position) on the stage. It's quite CPU-intensive right now, so they're looking to reduce its load or waiting for some newer, more powerful chips to hit the market. It'll debut once it's ready.

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