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Topic: Logic 5.1 and GPO

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    Talking Logic 5.1 and GPO

    I'm thinking about purchasing GPO for my PC running with the 5.1 Logic sequencer.

    I've read the pdf file on Logic 5.5 and GPO and got the impression that all PC versions of Logic and GPO don't work together that well. Can't you just edit the recorded midi data in logic and get around the bug with the mod wheel going back to "0"?

    Which functions exactly would I have to miss out on using GPO with an earlier Logic version? I'm only doing simple pop productions and as long as the samples can be heard and all of the different expressions can be used I don't see a reason not to use GPO.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    First thing you have to do is update to logic version 5.5.1 !!!

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    That's done, not so easy to find the update on the apple website. But what now? There must be some way of using this orchestra without having to buy a second sound card. I mean: what about those logic files provided on the support page? They seem to be a way out of the trouble...

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    I don't really understand your problem but maybe it's an idea to record the mod wheel ( that is : move the mod wheel while recording )

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    The Problem is that this (http://www.garritan.com/support/GPO-Logic%205.pdf) text tells me that Logic 5.5 and GPO don't work together unless you buy a second soundcard.

    On the other hand there are those files on the support page (http://garritan.com/support/Gpo_logic_songs.zip) which promise a workaround for the logic 5.5 bugs.

    Therefore I'm confused. Can I use GPO und my Logic PC or not?

    Hope that helps for clarification

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    Ok, I see, well, it is true that logic can not use a few of the multitimbral possibilities of GPO the way it should, but the methods described in the document are way to complicated for my taste.
    My idea is just have peace with the ( few !) shortcomings and not try to make it all perfect, and in stead of sticking to use of just one instance of the plug in with the multichannel features , just use a separate plug in for each instrument ! (and if you don't do automation stuff even that is not necessary )
    That way there is no problem whatsover and you don't need an extra soundcard .
    And if your PC runs out of resources , you just bounce tracks to audio .
    Easy !

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    Rest easy,

    I'm on Logic 5.5.1 on the PC and use GPO successfully. To me, the bug is more of an annoyance than a hinderance. The work around is simple. I don't remember what the support pages say, but what I do is draw some mod wheel data on the track before the 'object' starts.

    Edit: Oh yeah, forgot about the stuck note bug - a major PITA. Sometimes I put up with it until it clears itself up (when the sequence hits the same note as the stuck note) and sometimes while it is playing, I'll open the offending GPO instance and click on the offending note(s) on the keyboard display.

    Another tool you may consider getting which I have found invaluable is Fx-Max's FX-Freeze. If you use this once your part is pretty much solid, it will eliminate the stuck note bug too!


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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    Cheers! That doesn't sound so bad. I see how I go with this...!

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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    “GPO cannot be used successfully as a plugin in Logic 5.5. There appear to be
    no solutions for certain problems when using GPO as a plugin. Some of the
    insurmountable problems are inherent in the way Logic handles VST plugins and
    the problems are never going to be fixed by Apple/Emagic – like it or not, it’s a
    dead platform.”


    Is that true, you can’t use GPO as a plugin in Logic PC 5.5.1?


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    Re: Logic 5.1 and GPO

    You can't use it without some annoying problems. As mentioned before, I use it, and with success ('success' - meaning I create music). It's just that you'll need to work with the problems that exist and do your best to avoid triggering them.


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