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Topic: strad 2.0 help needed

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    strad 2.0 help needed

    I have installed Strad2.0 but can't get a sound out of it. Everything seems to be ok, the patch loads, when I play the midi keyboard I can see the various indicators tell the number of used voices, mono mode etc. but nothing comes out. I have checked the midi and audio configuration, it is ok. I am sending cc11 and modulation messages, just can't figure out what is wrong... Any ideas? Thanks


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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed

    Are you loading the K2Player standalone or as a VST?
    JP Garbarini

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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed

    I tried both but neither one produces a sound

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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed



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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed

    You might just need to play one of the Keyswitch notes to get it to play.


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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed

    John, thanks for your advice, but I think it's not the keyswitches, i've tried them all...


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    Re: strad 2.0 help needed

    Out of the blue, I just experienced something similar (Mac 2x2.3 GHz G5, 10.4.8). Everything seemed normal, but suddenly not a sound out of either Kontakt 2.11 or Kontakt Player 2, regardless of what libraries I loaded (not just Garritan stuff).

    But the VST and AU versions of both worked from within their hosts – just the standalones were mute! Also, Player 2 locked up on Quit every time and I had to force quit.

    Solution, in my case: scrapped the prefs files of Kontakt 2.11 and Kontakt Player, and now the audio is back. How they got corrupted, I haven't the slightest idea...



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