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Topic: Ethno World 3

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    Ethno World 3 vs. World Winds

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm looking into getting Ethno World 3, but I don't know how good the samples are. I am debating whether to get World Winds or that.

    I already have Ilio Origins, which has a lot of cool ancient instruments and thunder drums for war scenes. However, I'm looking for ancient Greek instruments (i.e., lyre), Arabic Instruments, and Austrailian instruments.

    Please give me some recommendations of any good libraries for world instruments. Thanks.
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    Re: Ethno World 3

    EWQL Ra is fantastic. The thing I love about Ra is that many of the patches have velocity layers. There is also a large number of articulations on offer.

    It well represents Arabic instruments. There is a Digerido, but sadly, no lyre.

    Last month Electronic musician had a pretty good roundup article on world instrument libs. You might see if their website offers that article for DL.

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    Re: Ethno World 3

    The combined libs in EW3 are generally pretty good, though limited in velocity layers. But geerally the instruments are playable, and they have a fair selection of phrases and licks to work with as well. I felt it was a great deal; the samples are not really as high quality as RA (at least from the RA demos, I don't have the app) but are still quite good and you get more to choose from.
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