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Topic: HELP: JABB Test Mockup

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    HELP: JABB Test Mockup

    Greetings all,

    I was wondering if someone might consider rendering a couple of MIDI or Finale based big band mockups in JABB for me. I'm looking at purchasing JABB to use with Finale (FinMac 2005) and would love to hear what the MIDI renderings sound like in JABB. I'm not asking for any editing, just take the MIDI or Finale score files, assign the instruments, and render the MP3s. I suppose this could be done with a playback optimized Finale file of the score...?

    My goal is to see if the result sounds better (with minimal editing) in JABB than my current system (Reason driving various "Refills" and Soundfonts).

    I do appreciate and admire the JABB projects that are attempts to sound as realistic as possible and realize that quite a bit of editing goes into those projects. However, my goal is to create a mock-up with very minimal editing (say 2-ish hours per chart) that sounds as good as possible.

    Thanks in advance,

    Eric Richards

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    Re: HELP: JABB Test Mockup


    I see you wrote back on my post, so I wanted to let you know that you can get very decent sounding files straight out of Finale using JABB. The only thing I really couldn't do on the demo I posted was the trupmet rip. I had to draw that in the sequencer. But for most big band charts, Finale will do a great job with JABB. One thing to watchout for, I find the drums can be a little quiet coming out of Finale. If you had Finale 06, you could turn it up on the mixer.

    Hope this helps,


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