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Topic: Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

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    Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

    Hi all,

    I sent an email out to support two days ago about a couple of issues with the Notion Realize Music Challenge Demo but I never heard back. I'm posting here to see if any of you might know of a fix to these issues (one is also with the slur tool, as posted previously). Here's the email:

    Subject: NTempo issue with Notion Demo 1.5.4
    Date: October 17, 2006 1:51:54 PM PDT
    To: support@notionmusic.com

    The minor issue:
    When I use the slur tool to slur between a normal note and one preceded by a grace note (the target note of the slur) the slur will not stick. In other words, it seems I'm not allowed to slur when there is a grace note in the picture.

    The major issue:
    I would love to use NTempo to "conduct" the piece, have it play back, save it as a .wav, import it into Cubase and create a Tempo Map from it, for me to sequence the piece with a different orchestral library. Alas, I can't. Whenever I conduct, save and replay the performance I hear nothing!

    If I use an NTempo staff, conduct again, save and replay, I hear some audio noise, like a buzzing signal until I press stop. I've exported the .wav of the signal and Quicktime is not even able to import it.

    Any ideas? So far I'm actually quite impressed by the ease of use and the inherent possibility of "conducting" my pieces musically, instead of drawing the tempo in a sequencer. Thus, this is definitely a major selling point until you add support for MIDI Export (and possibly Tempo Map export).


    Macintosh G4 dual 1.25Ghz
    2Gb RAM
    Tascam FW-1884 Audio interface/Control Surface
    MaOs 10.3.9
    Notion Demo (Realize Challenge) 1.5.4

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    Re: Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

    First, I do not have your problems with the audio output and .wav export. Everything works fine here (have tested both the latest demo and the full version).

    Perhaps try closing NOTION before you start the playback of the .wav. If they are using the same audio channel one will block the other.

    But I second the request for a review of the NTempo feature. It should be more transparent. There should be a possibility to edit just parts of the tempo track.

    For me the perpective of "conducting" a piece is also a key feature for production since it is not easy to get a convincing rubato with conventional tempo maps. But what if I conduct a piece in NOTION but mess up only one bar? Am I supposed to conduct the piece again, maybe messing up another passage?

    The only workaround to date seems to be this: Conduct a piece, export it to .wav. Then conduct it again, export to .wav. Then edit, cut and merge the audio versions (.wavs).

    So the NTempo feature is great but for my practical needs I would need just a little more manipulation options.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

    Luke, I responded to you via the tech support email.

    Our tech support guy is out of town doing the Meat Loaf gig, and I'm filling in for him for the next couple of weeks. I'm sorry he didn't get back to you in a timely manner. I should note, however, that this is not an official Notion forum, and we cannot claim to answer tech questions here as soon as users would like. Normally, I am a sound editor who can only manage to spend a couple of hours a week on the forum.

    The tech support line, however, is where we have staff and resources and time to aid customers and potential customers with issues they may be running into with our software. Like I said, I'll be in support full time for the next two weeks, so hopefully issues here on the forum can be responded to more quickly than in the past, but this isn't a replacement for the tech support system.

    Also, unfortunately, demo users have and will be given a lower priority than our paying customers, and that is simply reality regardless of public opinion.

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    Re: Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

    Thank you Hannes for your input and thank you Jason for contacting me.

    Hannes, I have tried quitting and reopening, as well as restarting the computer. No luck. I like your ideas for the NTempo feature. I would already be happy, if I could make use of its current structure though.
    (Do you have a place where I can hear some of your music by the way?)

    Jason, thank you for answering my plea. I replied to your email. The big score I was working on, tends to give me more problems than the smaller score I'm working on now. Although I can now export to .wav (only for the small score, consisting of piano and winds), the program will still not load and play a saved performance, regardless of whether an NTempo staff is present or not.

    In regards to the whole support issue, let me just say that I favor the idea of demo users having lower priority than paying customers. That is a no-brainer. I will gladly wait for support (at least a certain amount of time), if it means that future changes in response to problems will actually allow me to integrate this software into my workflow.


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    Re: Notion 1.5.4 Demo support question

    Nevermind Hannes, I just saw your URL in your post. My apologies.

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