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Topic: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

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    The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    I haven't put anything up for public consumption here for ages, so thought I'd post the overture to 'The Luminescents' which is GPO + the free demo samples of SAM Brass for the brass parts.


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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    Nice work, very epic and cinematic... Great use if the brass and the percussion. The building of suspense was well thought out and executed. What is this work for?

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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass


    It sounds as though you are possibly not assigning enough polyphony to the brass voices because the attacks don't sound natural. I call it the "fluff" factor. Instead of hitting the attacks squarely, they sound like "fluff, fluff, fluff". Say the word and you will see what I mean.

    Otherwise it is a real nice work and I enjoyed it.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    I think this is a superb piece of music! At times, it has a flavor of Barber's Adagio for Strings. Wonderful writing. I know what Larry means about the attack on the brass. I hear it mostly on the FHorns as your mod increases. Slow attack but I think you are aiming for a more staccato stab with those quick notes. Try using a compressor.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    Broad, very moving and cinematic writing, L0W;
    very well restrained and controlled throughout.
    The melodic work in the second half of the work
    brings Mussorgsky to mind at first; and then
    resolves skillfully into peace. Very nice job on


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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    Very nice writing. I love the slow moving chorale; it's so dramatic and sad. The SAM brass sound great!

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    Re: The Luminescents - feat. GPO & free SAM brass

    Thanks very much guys for taking the time and trouble to listen and for your positive comments.

    JMC - in case you didn't know, anyone can download those free SAM demo patches and 'stretch' them in a sampler (Halion, Kontakt, Giga) and still they sound pretty good to me. As SAM brass is of the '1 patch per articulation' school rather than GPOs dynamic articulation, it will be interesting to hear how they are integrated into GPOA later on. Kinvint and Larry, I am kind of stuck with the 'articulation' (or maybe should pick a different one), but I think I made the fluff worst through some post-processing which seemed to cut off the lead/quieter parts of the articulation.

    etLux - well done for picking up the Russian influence there on the second half - my feelings precisely - I tried to resolve with the cod-Tchaikowsky endpiece to complement.

    Michael this is the overture to a 'suite' called The Luminescents which is a sci-fi story set to music. Your positive comments have given me motivation to finish the damn thing!

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