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Topic: GPO with Cubase

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    GPO with Cubase

    Hi. I'm using GPO with Cubase and when I load it in I see 8 things called KPIPO 1/2 thru KPIPO 15/16 in the personal Orchestra folder. What are they and how can I use them?


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    Re: GPO with Cubase

    They are the Kontakt Player (KP) output channels.

    On the GPO Kontakt player you will see the numbers 1/2 and if you click on this number then up will pop 3/4, 5/6.....7/8. If you choose one of those outputs for your instrument that will send its sound to that output channel.

    Now look at the Cubase mixer. All those separate outputs are there for you to do with them what you will eg eq, add reverb, effects, etc.

    What this means is that you could send each instrument to its own channel, and then process each instrument separately. Eg you may have a violin and percussion and may want a bit more reverb on the percussion only and to add a bit of eq to the violin only. So set the violin output to 1/2 and the percussion to 3/4 and then you can set reverb and eq on the mixer to separate amounts for each channel.

    By default all 8 instruments will load up on channel 1/2, but Cubase sets up the other 7 channel pairs automatically ready for your utilisation.

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    Exclamation Re: GPO with Cubase

    Do a search in the Tutorials section for the user Zero Zero. He wrote a pair of outstanding tutorials for GPO in Cubase that will cover this and also give a great method for using GPO in Cubase.

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    Re: GPO with Cubase

    I agree: The tutorial is well-written and hugely helpful! When I was a total GPO-newbie it aided in un-puzzling the whole affair!
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    Re: GPO with Cubase

    Thanx Guys. Found ZeroZero's tut. MD

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