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Topic: Gofriller with Stradivarius Demo

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    Gofriller with Stradivarius Demo

    I am still getting comfortable with the Controllers and there are definitely things I don't like about my Vibrato technique YET. This still the "classic" Strad as there is a technical issue with my "Lyrical" Strad.

    I kept these as 'live' as possible (I cleaned up Velocites on my Glisses).
    This is a bit of a piece I wrote called "Viennese Water Torture"

    Enjoy...I'll keep practicing!


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    Re: Gofriller with Stradivarius Demo

    After reading more I think I need to look into 'riding' the Pitch Bend a bit to get grace notes and scoops. Sometimes it sounds too "keyboardish" if you play passing notes.

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    Re: Gofriller with Stradivarius Demo

    Nice work John.

    A unique and evocative trio with piano, cello and violin.

    We have a fix for the "Lyrical" patch. I will email it to you.

    Gary Garritan

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