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Topic: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

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    Question Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    Hi. I haven't been here for a while but I have a question for Eric Persing (or anyone else who can help me).

    In the Atmosphere demo song Ice Blue (by Eric Persing) the description say:

    Eric does a neat trick in this demo of showing how the evolving Atmosphere Ambiences can be used effectively as pulsing synth parts! There are several techniques for achieving this, but he's using a gate on each of the evolving ambiences, which is triggered by a "sidechain" Stylus track. This is very easy to do in Logic 5, Pro Tools and many other hosts, and it's one of those effects that always works great...
    Can you tell me a little bit more about this trick? Can this type of effect be done in Sonar 4 PE with Stylus RMX and Absynth 3 (I don't have Atmosphere yet)?
    I'm not familiar with the term "sidechain". Maybe that's something I can't do in Sonar?


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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    You can do this with a neat tool called Sidekick: What it does is effectively creates a "window" in one track for another tracks sounds. The window can be programmed to open or close within certain volume parameters that can be programmed by you. If you use it on a drum synth for example, you can use it to pass through sound from Atmosphere so Atmosphere appears as though it is playing in synch with the beat. Which it is!

    And the good news is that it is Shareware

    I use Sonar 5 PE and I also have Absynth, Atmosphere and Stylus but it works with any sound you have in your tracks.


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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    I did some research on sidechaining in Sonar and found out that Sonar doesn't support that, and that I had to use some 3rd party plugins.

    I downloaded the SideKick plugin and it worked like a charm. Thanks Paul881!

    One question though. Is it possible to use the SideKick plugin to trigger filters and stuff or does it only work like a gate to create stutter/tremolo effects?


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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    I think I am right in saying that it can only open or close a window on another track - it can't affect what is going on in that track, just allow/disallow whatever is playing to be heard/printed/recorded.

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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    Ok. That's what I figured. It's still a cool plugin though. Thanks again.


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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    Have you tried using Sonar's automation for changing dynamic values of parameters?

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    Re: Question for Eric about Ice Blue Demo (Atmosphere)

    Yes, I have. But I was hoping to controll those parameters with the sidechaining thing. You know, just to see if I could get some cool and unexpected results...

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