I am having a little struggle here to upgrade my music softwares with budget allocation.

I have to choose one either upgrade the Nuendo2 to Nuendo3 or GS160 to GS3.

FYI, my system is P4 / 3GHz / 3GB RAM with Creamware & Motu 2408MKII audio cards installed, and running both the Nuendo2 & GS160.

My concern to upgrade to Nuendo3:
1. When using the EWQLSC word builder, I have to disable the Nuendo2 key command function.
2. The Nuendo3 has the ability to export/import AAF, so I can easily transfer the projects & mix them with my Samplitude8 which I really like it.

My concern to upgrade to GS3:
I heard that the GS3 has actually had a more efficient system than the GS160, concerning the samples workload. (I use the VSL library for my orchestra template)

Any tought?