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Topic: Would you trust this person?

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    Would you trust this person?

    Not mentioning any names, I spoke with a sales person at one of the larger
    music stores here in the midwest. I asked him about a particluar audio interface and he assured me that he's sold many of these, and had several very positive comments from those customers that bought this interface.

    A few days later I called back and spoke with an assistant/associate of this sales person. I asked him if it would be possible to email any of those customers who bought this interface to get their comments about the product.
    In an effort to help me, the associate decided to do a database search just to see actually who and how many people bought this interface from this particular person. After doing an extensive search, the associate comes back to the phone and say's that according to their records, the sales person mentioned earlier hasn't sold ANY of these units yet. (The product is relatively new)

    This really destroyed my trust in the sales person who assured me that he had many happy customers. I realize that they have to make a living, but come on! I would have much rather heard the truth, even if he hadn't sold
    any units yet.


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    Re: Would you trust this person?

    ur rite dude,
    never trust anyone....specially if he's a sales person cuz thts wut he gets paid for....i always try researching extensively on the net n try auditioning if possible....

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    Re: Would you trust this person?

    I had a friend who worked at a store, and he told me the sales guy's tried to get as creative as they could to lie on a product, even making up technical words to try to sell stereo equipment. Truly not everyone is like this, but yeah, gotta do the research. luckily most stores have return policies.

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