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Topic: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

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    Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    I watched Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift last night, and thought Brian Tyler's score was HOT (if you take it for what it is--an action score about car racing). So few composers are well-versed in both orchestral scoring AND contemporary cutting-edge stuff, so I'm all smiles when I hear one. John Powell is another one I really like--his scores for the Jason Bourne movies were great. David Arnold's The World Is Not Enough (James Bond) also had some sick drum programming that blew my mind. Of course, good ol' Hans Zimmer was one of the first to really create that orchestral/contemporary hybrid.

    In games, the best I've heard is probably the recent Unreal Tournament scores for UT2003, UT2004, and Unreal Championship 2. Game scores seems to really have nailed that hybrid style down.

    So just wondering, what are some of the best orchestral/contemporary hybrid scores you've heard. It has to be the score itself, not just songs from various artists in the soundtrack.

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    Re: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    The first "The Fast and the Furious" is a great example of the style. The Score was done by BT.

    BT just released a record called "This Binary Universe". It comes with a companion DVD that has 7 films that were created to go along with the music. The music is a blend of orchestral writing, IDM, and futuristic ambient soundscapes. Tracks 3 and 6 are very good examples of large filmic orchestration juxtaposed with post modern electronic elements. The result is, IMHO, breathtaking. I have never heard music like this. The harmonic ideas are not at all revolutionary. But the pallette of sounds and the precision with which they are implemented is truly inspiringand very musical.

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    Re: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    BT is such a freakin' wiener though.

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    Re: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    Never met the guy. But, I have to say, his most recent record is like nothing I have ever heard. It is really fantastic.

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    Re: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    ES Posthumous also does some interesting work combining orchestral and electronic styles. You can stream most of their tracks riht from their website, albeit in low res.

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    Re: Best contemporary meets orchestral scores?

    I thought the Batman Begins score was kind of a good mix of electronics and orchestra. Though it isnt far out from what contemporary score is like nowadays so I dont know if it belongs here.

    However Norihiko Hibino does a great job on the Metal Gear Solid soundtracks. He basically does all the non-cinematics score(Harry Gregson Williams does those) and its great, he mixes lots of styles and has some bold instrumentation which is often heavy on the electronics but without just being pointless or noisy.

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