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Topic: We'ra all Musicians now!

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    We'ra all Musicians now!

    This post was prompted by a comment Gary made regarding the resources available to musicians, in one of my previous posts about using EWQL Silver along with gpo. What boggles my mind is the liberating potential of current music technology for non-musicians.

    In fact my mind was boggled so much that it lead me to put together a Computer Music course specifically aimed at people you would say were non-musicians but who were keen to learn about music creation. I'm running this course at my university in the new year using Garageband and hope to attrack mainly non-musicians. You can put together some really neat tunes using Garagebands loops & expansion packs with little or no musical knowledge - all it takes is someone to show you how.

    Why am I doing this - I must be out of my mind!

    Cheers, MD

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    Re: We'ra all Musicians now!

    Most people who buy Macs never even launch the GarageBand application.

    But it is truly amazing what you get in that program, and it's free with every new Mac.

    Bravo to you. GarageBand has tremendous potential to help people become musicians.
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    Re: We'ra all Musicians now!

    That's great! Such a course could boost students' interest in music and composing though they might never have imagined what they could do.
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    The default icon for Garageband is an electric guitar, how can anyone resist launching it?

    The first thing i did after playing with Garageband for ten minites is i bought the orchestra loops and spent several hours playing with those. I haven't spent much time with it since, because i soon discovered the existence of Sibelius, Finale and GPO, then purchased Finale and have been spending my time first learning that.

    Maestro-D, this is a great idea, i think your course will be very popular and very valuable.


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