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Topic: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

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    Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    OK...sometimes I love my job
    I needed some 70's KungFu music for a Film I am scoring so I thought this would be fun.

    I layered two Strads and the Gofriller into this cue. I WASN'T able to get the Fall-offs happening though. The one's you are hearing are coming from an old Library called "Smart Strings".

    The main problem executing the Fall-off is the release sample. The note has to continue to Fall upon release. I think it might be possible...just not for me...tonight.


    Here it is: http://homepage.mac.com/johnflem/dem...2010-21-06.mp3

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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    If you want to see it in it's Full Glory


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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    Wow, that was great and sooooooo retro! I loved it! Also perfectely fitting for the pictures! I laughed so hard...

    Well, you know what questios will come up now: What sample libraries? Which sequencer? Which reverb? Etc..

    Especially the brass was nice! And the strings had just the right amount of cheesy-ness...
    Greetings from Vienna!
    My website: Above the staff.net

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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    I can't offer any help with the fall-offs, I'm afraid, but what a brilliant cue!
    (The timing is amazing! Guessing.. you set the basic tempo from the point where he takes his jacket off until the point where he throws it down.. but all the following stings are so perfectly in sync, it's as if the guy had done all his moves in time to your music, rather than the other way round! Bravo!)
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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!


    I know this may be OT. but reason 3 has built in disco strings with scales and falls.

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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    very well done!
    john, i especially like your small room acoustic settings, also the one of the other song which you have posted. could you please tell how you've done it? convolution in k2...which setting? i hope its not altiverb because thats too expensive for me.....


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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    Thanks...this is a fun job for me.
    I am a HUGE Lalo Schifrin fan and while this is a cheap imitation I still like it I really want to do a whole movie like this sometime

    Tech details.

    RE: Reverb
    A lot of it is compression with fairly fast attack (3-7ms) and 50-125ms Release. This brings up the natural decay/room sound.
    The small verb on the "Water Torture" song is Universal Audio UAD-1 Dreamverb. Most people dislike this plugin but it does really good small rooms. I start with the "Jazz Club" preset as a start.

    The only reverb on "M8" is the UAD-1 Plate Reverb on the Clave. Everything else is natural/compression/EQ.

    Samples: Bass and Guitar are real.
    I sampled the Drums in my studio (natural room ambience).
    The Low Piano is Fazzioli from the East West Collossus library.
    The Shaker, Conga, Triangle are Stylus RMX.
    Orch Perc is JAAB, GPO, Miroslav, Ultimate Perc

    The Horns are the old Quantum Leap Brass (Akai). They sound REALLY good as long as you write for THEM. Musically very limiting but they are really well recorded.

    The Strings are the old "Smart Strings" library layered with Stradivari and Gofriller.

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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!


    Just brilliant and also fun. It's like being back in the 70's.

    The fall-offs could be done using the strad and GPO but it's a great deal of work. It is easiest just to use the recorded fall-offs from Smart Strings as you may need to layer quite a few and coordinate each one.

    Enjoyed the movie clip too. You certainly know how to get down and bring down the house.


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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    ...thanks for the techn details info! sounds really, very "live played" coherent and natural. love it

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    Re: Disco Strings/Falls & Glisses oh my!

    Add my voice to the chorus of "WOW"s you earned here!

    You mention the QL Brass... I still have that loaded on the computer, but I have never been able to write effectively for it. And that's not a slight against the library, I think it is very well done, but I just can't quite get it to work the way I'd like it to.

    Care to provide some tips or how-to's? I'd like to get more mileage out of it!

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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