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Topic: Kontakt Player with Finale 2007

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    Kontakt Player with Finale 2007

    I have had to delete my Finale 2006 folder and now only have Finale 2007. It seems that the Kontakt 2 player, which comes with Finale 2007, doesn't work with JABB and GPO. The Kontakt 1 player was deleted when I removed the Finale 2006 folder. Can anyone give me some help with this. Reuben.

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    Re: Kontakt Player with Finale 2007

    Take a look in your Garritan Personal Orchestra/VST folder. It should contain a file called PersonalOrchestraVST.dll; copy this to the Finale 2007/FinaleVST folder. I suppose, you can do the same with JABB.

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