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Topic: Interesting Dept: Designer Water

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    Interesting Dept: Designer Water

    Maybe it's time to go in the water business:

    Bling H2O is the inspiration of Kevin G. Boyd, Hollywood writer-producer. While working on various studio lots where images is of the utmost importance he noticed that you could tell a lot about a person by the bottled water they carried in.
    A case of 24 bottles is $480 (that's $20 per bottle).

    And there are also water connoisseurs:

    Matching Bottled Water With Food In a Fine Dining Experience.
    "The FWB categorizes the "mouthfeel" of water based on the level of carbonization in five levels from Still to Effervescent, Light, Classic and Bold. The FWB also establishes a narrow range of temperatures that suits each level best in the context of a fine dining experience.Based on these principals we can now explore matching water with food. The FineWaters Balance will be our essential tool for this task."
    The water in Beefolo must be priceless!

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    Re: Interesting Dept: Designer Water

    I think if you are having fish, you should serve blue water.

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