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Topic: Cobblestone Streets

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    Cobblestone Streets


    Please have a listen to my new composition, Cobblestone Streets. I would appreciate any advice on the production quality and what more I can do with GPO (I've used the piano and the violin ensemble).

    Thank you!

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    Re: Cobblestone Streets


    I think you could put more Expression (Mod Wheel) into the Violin so there is more of an accent on the Long notes (Decrescendo to the Short ones) and turn up the Violins in general.

    This would sound excellent with the Stradivarius Violin as it would be more dramatic.

    I like the Piano. I don't ever use the GPO piano but I will try it more often now.


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    Re: Cobblestone Streets

    Hi Chinmay, Very nice work on the piano. Has a very dramatic quality; reminds me of an old black and white movie. I thought the piano rendering was perfect but the violins need a little help. They definitely need to be raised in the mix and better articulated... Try a marcato-like hit underneath a short legato... Overall, a great start...

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    Re: Cobblestone Streets

    Thanks for the responses. Are there any MIDI file examples that will help me better understand how to use the mod wheel or add the marcato and short legato? I tried playing around with the various CC controllers GPO offers, but I'm not quite getting the hang of it.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Cobblestone Streets


    This work has a lovely and expressive quality about it. I agree with the notion of an old movie sound. I am sorry but I cannot help with midi examples as I work with Finale as the input and playback medium.



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    Re: Cobblestone Streets

    I'll let the other fellows argue about the technicals,
    Chinmay; and just listen to the writing... lol.

    Beautifully done; this falls perfectly under the hands
    of the pianist, and on the ears of the listener... softly
    engaging the tender and introspective mind.

    But this seems only a beginning, Chinmay... there is
    so much promise in the writing of more to come.

    I hope you will continue and develop this further!


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    Re: Cobblestone Streets

    Very nice work!

    Terrific melody!

    I agree with the previous comments regarding the strings.

    Still, a great rendition as is!

    Great job!


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    Re: Cobblestone Streets

    Thank you all for your very kind comments. I really appreciate the support and encouragement! I heard Gary's thinking of making some MIDI files available, so I suppose I'll have to wait until those before I can really make my GPO strings sound real.

    Thanks again,

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