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Topic: Plugin for GPO control

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    Plugin for GPO control

    Hi. I have been enjoying GPO for something like two months now, im very happy with it. But sometimes i miss to be able to see on the kontakt player keyboard ONLY the keys of the current selected instrument (you know, all are mixed in the same display). And also i miss that the values of the knobs only updates trough mouse click, not by the midi CCs. Not so big deal, but i had some time this weekend and tryed to make something with the well known synthedit plugin maker.
    Really, i dont know a word about programming or graphic design, but found that proggie not so difficult to understand, and with some patience i achieve something, but not all my purposes yet. So, i want to share with you my idea, feel free to criticize or help me. (be aware that test plugins also implies some risk)
    The point: "GPOMonitor" (how i called it, i can change it name if is it an issue) is basically a group of 8 keyboards, one for each channel, that make the keys movements while receiving midi data. I want to add knobs with the values and colour the KS keys, but that is too much for me at the moment. But if you want to give it a try, here it is:
    GPOMonitor (zip 900kb) freebie
    and here an screenshot of it working in Tracktion:

    Well, i have lot of ideas for make it more usefull and informative, but really, i dont have too much knowledge, so, i believe that with some time and patience i will improve it (or if anyone see is a good idea, and can make it better, i will be glad! i can upload the source code of it too)
    It`s working well here, i tested it in Tracktion and VSThost. Like any VST plugin, you need to put it on your vst folder, and ask to your host to re-scan it. You must put it BEFORE GPO in the FX chain. It Receives the midi data, move the keys in the keyboard, and re-send the midi data without touch nothing. By the moment too, pressing the on-screen keyboard dont do nothing, it only display the midi data it receives.
    BTW, im not related with Gary Garritan in any way, so if it gives you problems, blame only to me.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    That looks very useful. I often have 6 banks of GPO running and get lost in the parts.


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    Re: Plugin for GPO control


    What a terrific gift for the GPO community. I have wanting a way to see the keys on all 8 instruments rather than just one at a time. You did a fine job in programming this in synthedit and it looks terrific (and you don't know a word about programming or design? . I like the name GPO Monitor too.

    This was a really great idea and thank you for sharing it. Many are going to benefit from this work. If you need help in working on it some of my progammers can be made available.

    You wrote you are not related to me? I think we are brothers in music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    Well, thanks the encouragement Gary!
    Really i didnt do much with the plugin, i tweaked pre-made modules, including the keyboard pic that i modifyed a little, to what i need, made it from zero is beyond my knowledge/time i believe.
    I have found the way that the mouse press on the screen keyboard send sound too, and i looking to add the mod-wheel, pitch bend, and the other knobs too, so im going there.
    Maybe, if you like it, when it is more finished, you can host it in some place of the resources, since where i put it is a borrowed place.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    Amigo Marce...

    ¡Una verdadera <obra maestra>! ¡Mil gracias!

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    This looks great. I hope that it will be developed and added as a plug-in. I am hoping that everything will become simpler and icon driven. My greatest hope is that GPO and Finale would work like Microsoft Access and a little bit of Visual Basics, but more icon driven.

    I have a question about volume. Why do I have to adjust the volume in Full GPO each time I open a Finale file? Why do the GPO library samples have to be re-loaded each time I open a Finale file?

    Can this be corrected/modified?

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    I uploaded a fixed version, since the channell 8 keyboard was not working:

    GPOMonitor (zip 918kb) freebie
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    Hey, really funny this thing to make your own plugins. I have been trying to improve the thing a little more. So here what what it do now:

    -First All: this plugin only monitor your midi data , it DONT send any data from your mouse pressing; and you must put it BEFORE gpo in the FX chain of your host.
    -8 keyboards, one for each channel.
    -pitch bend wheel.
    -Vumeter linked to the Mod-Wheel (it is not proportional yet, since clip at the mid of the values, im looking how to fix that, but i would like to hear if you like the idea)
    -an ON/OFF switch that shows if you are using Sustain or not.

    You can download it here
    GPOMonitor 0.2 (zip -1mb- free)

    Im not sure about put the vumeter to show the mod-wheel, but im learning, and that toys are nice to play. Any advise about if the GUI is usefull or not will be apreciated.

    and screenshot:

    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    I love this plug (and its variant). Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I have an idea for an additional plug (built off the one you've already developed). This would be a plug that does basically the same thing yours does, but shows music staves (and notes) rather than a piano keyboard. Would that be an easy app to build? Has someone already built it? That would be "totally awesome!" I guess it would be like a window onto the most recently played notes or the currently playing notes.

    Cheers, and again, many, many thanks!


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    Re: Plugin for GPO control

    mmm... bad im not a real programmer, but even that, i see that difficult to achieve. Suppose you are playing trough your midi keyboard entering midi data in realtime, there is no way that the plugin know if it must display a whole, half, etc, since your are still playing it. Other situation can be after you recorded the midi data, ask the plugin to compute the midi data and display it trough something like lilypond. But that can be difficult in Tracktion too, since it dont save midi like an external file, instead of that, it saves it like internal data of the project. The only thing i can imagine is replace the graphics of the keyboard and show neutral head notes dancing on a staff, but dont believe that can be usefull. (or yes?)
    Marcelo Colina

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