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Topic: The First Noel

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    The First Noel

    Hi Everybody,
    Here's my try at "The First Noel" for the Christmas CD. Please let me know what you think. I can hopefully have it fixed by the deadline. Thanks for listening!
    Take Care,

    p.s. - Thanks so much Jerry for all of your help!!
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    Re: The First Noel

    Very nice Steph, nice voicing and pleasant listening. The mix sounds good and I can hear all parts. I think this will be a good traditional setting for the CD.

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    Smile Re: The First Noel

    Hi Moviemaestro,

    I hear you use the standard harmonization of the carol and all is fine with that. However, if you want to keep that unchanged you must introduce some changes in the orchestration. For example:

    1. verse - Strings only
    2. verse - Woods only
    3. verse - Strings and woods
    4. verse - Brass only
    5. verse - Tutti

    It would also be nice to hear some countermelody, even though it were just in the last verse.

    Btw. the timps idea is a good one, I would also have some bright perc. like Triangle or maybe Glockenspiel.

    Ah, almost forgot - if you don't want to have interludes between verses you must have some silence between them. Singers need to breath once in awhile and so does the orchestra.

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    Re: The First Noel

    Hi Steph - lovely blend of instruments on this resulting in a really pleasing sound. All you need to do now is to introduce some variety - either different ensembles or some 'variations on a theme'. How about cutting the orchestra right back and allowing different solo instruments to 'do their thing' on a couple of verses? Go for it - have fun!

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: The First Noel


    You have a very nice base work with a nice righ sound and texture. I do agree with the others that variations are needed within verses and maybe even between verses to keep it from sound like 4 verses of the same thing. It should be easy for you to make solo and ensemble passages in this work. I leave it up to your creative genious to take it from here.



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    Re: The First Noel

    Hey Steph, Well I agree with the above comments. This rendering is very smooth and wonderfully executed. You created a nice full sound without covering the main melodies and supporting harmonies. It would be nice to hear some variations though... Overall, a great start. BTW what CD is this for?
    Hope to hear more soon...

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    Re: The First Noel

    I think you need a really prominent descant in the trombone 1 part at some point. And to bring out the suspensions a bit more in the mix.

    Great job on this, movie, especially with the strings. Very relaxing.

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    Re: The First Noel

    Thanks everyone for listening and for the suggestions. I hope that I can be done in time! (oh, and this is for the GPO Christmas CD)
    Take Care,

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    Re: The First Noel

    Beautifully done, Steph!

    I think one of the things I enjoyed most was
    the well wrought counter-lines in the harmony.

    This is very strong arranging, and work well


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    Thumbs up Re: The First Noel

    Steph, oh ... STEPh! Just as beautiful as you. I can see this years Christmas CD is going to be a good one (or two) maybe three ... or possibly four but no more than five and most likely less than eight.
    Very nice.

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