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Topic: Musicans Tales

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    Musicans Tales

    Dear All. I'm inspired to post this after reading the responses to Chet Heffler's recent post and the replies from bmdaustin & dabbler. I have to say I found this absolootly riveting - your anecdotes guys were really interesting - it all sounds so exotic when I consider my own gigging history. Since I enjoyed reading them so much I wondered if anyone else would like to share some of their interesting tales.

    For my own part, I played in all sorts of bands in my salad days - in my most well of period I owned both a Gibson acoustic and an electric - "it was a[n SG] with a whammy bar", and a Rickenbaker bass (turned upside down coz I'm left handed). I mostly played bass during my gigging career unless the lead guitar got to complicated then I switched to my SG.

    The most chaotic band i ever played in was a Scottish ceilidh band when I was living in Tain in the North East of Scotland. Scottish ceilidhs are pretty noisy not to say drunken affairs. At the time i was in my early 20's with hair down to my ~~~ - normal in ceilidh bands now but not then. Anyway the singer and drummer were regulary pissed halfway thru gigs and would think nothing of getting up to join in theHighland fling - I lasted about 6 months before joining a more sedate folk rock outfit.

    Scariest gig was at a Miners welfare club in Falkirk (central Scotland). We turned up and played a set of Bebop Deluxe/Magazine inspired tunes when the miners and wives were expecting Jim Reeves and Slim Whitman - country & western was very big in Scotland then - Sydney Devine was king. One guy, who reminded me of a brick ~~~~house, stood about 2 inches in front of me wearing a psycho stare for 10 minutes demanding Queen of the Silver Dollar - needless to were run out of town.

    Anyway, enjoyed the New York & other tales.

    Colin D

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    Re: Musicans Tales


    Although I enjoyed reading your Musical Tales, your follow up post was removed after receiving moderator alerts. Please read the rules of the forum. There are people from all ages and all sensibilities in this forum. This is not the place to post crude, vulgar or offensive remarks.

    Thanks for understanding,

    Gary Garritan

    PS: Your reference to the American President does not apply as Northern Sounds is Canadian owned and operated.

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