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Topic: Advice on acoustic guitar library

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    Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Virtual Guitarist 2 from Stienberg, or Hans Zimmer Guitar LIbrary from Sepctrasonics, or Real Guitar 2 from Musis Lab?

    Looking for best sound for solo, chords and playability. (I don't want have to step input each and every note/articulation)

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Real Guitar is the latest offering of the three you mentioned. It's your best choice overall of the three, However- check out -http://www.bardstownaudio.com/insite/contents/mp1.html

    The archtop guitar is really nice. Also- Yellow Tools have some sweet sounding guitars. Zimmer's has it's place but in comparison it's getting long in the tooth. Also, I think Bardstown is developing something new so save your dough- you will want all of them.

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Thanks artsoundz!

    Do you know, Real Guitar2 is available for download at Music Lab for just $159? That means I could download the damns thing right now in my home studio and start playing!

    Oh boy, itchy credit card trigger finger. I can't control it, going for my wallet... [Off Cue] no wait, stop! You must compare more user demos!,, stop! Need more reviews! ...stop!]

    online impulse buying!

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    I like Realguitar a lot.

    (I am sorry if it appears I keeping plugging, but I used it in Time Space Continuum and Interlockin' at www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness, in case you want to check it out. As you would hear, I really like the harmonics).

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Another plug for Real Guitar, right now I don't think anything can beat it for real time playability, especially for chord strumming. The new Chris Heins library looks nice too, might be pricey if you're not looking for electric guitars also..

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    My vote is for Hans Zimmer Guitars Vol 2. (I can't pass judgement on the Chris Heins Guitars until I receive delivery.) But it really all comes down to what type of acoustic guitar sound that you're looking for. I recently used the Zimmer Vol 2 on a track and it's absolutely gorgeous, and as far as I'm concerned, indistinguishable from a real acoustic guitar. On the other hand, RealGuitar will actually supply strumming patterns, as will Chris Heins, but Zimmer doesn't. It all really depends on what you need...

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Hi Journeyman

    Is the Zimmer Library easy to play "out of the box" or will I be sepnding a lot of time midi inputting articulations and adding effects? Real Guitar is a VST "player" whereas the Zimmer seems more like a regular sample library where you are given a lot of excellent samples but then you are on you own after that!

    But I have to admit, the demo for the ZImmer library sounds sweet!

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    The Zimmer is "just" a sample library; plain and simple. From what I recall, there aren't that many articulations; just 4 velocity layers and some fret squeeks and noises. So if you're looking for variable distance from the bridge, hammer-ons, special "legato options" and details like that, then another product might be the right choice. But bear in mind that there are advantages to using a simple sample library in that it will work for years in whatever Akai-compatable sampler you choose, whereas libraries with sample players will only last as long as their developers are willing to keep up with OS updates and Copy Protection Schemes over the years.

    My best suggestion: Listen hard to any and all available online demos you can find, and go with what sounds right to YOU. My vision of a great guitar may be radically different than yours. Go to sites for Chris Heins Guitars, Ilio (for Hans Zimmer Vol2), the one for RealGuitar, and decide FOR YOURSELF what comes closest to your vision.

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    Journeyman- after reading your post I put up Hans' Guitar II and I must say that I've forgotten how sweet they are. So, I take back the long in the tooth comment. It's weird but I'm doing a pop tune that is using Real Guitar as well as an electric Sitar from Ultimate sound banks and I've found what I've been searching for with both acoustic lead and Electric Sitar in the Hans II library.

    There is a little trouble in the high notes but in layering this w/ real guitar, it sounds very sweet. There are some really nice high freq. in there. AND all the ethnic stuff. I appreciate the reminder.

    So-Ksteveg- I would recomend getting this and Real guitar.I imagine that since Zimmer II has been around for a while you could get this one inexpensively. The price can't be beat and you would have some extra ethnic guitars w/ the Zimmer collection. That and $160 for Rguitar would totally prevent you from getting much sleep.

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    Re: Advice on acoustic guitar library

    I Journeyman

    Thanks for the advice.

    Believe me, before purchasing any product I listen to all the audio/video demos I can get my hands on, plus visit various forums and reviews to see what is worth buying. I am just very cautious because demos can be misleading. You don't really know how much tweaking went on and what effects were used. Plus I am one who doesn't want to spend all my time tweaking EQ, compression, and inputing every single note for differnt articulations. I use Kontakt 2 and rely on decent Kontakt 2 scripts for playability if the VSTi doesn't come with its own plug 'un play features.

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