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Topic: Advice on guitar amps

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    Advice on guitar amps

    I see Amplitude 2, Amplitude 2 Lite, Guitar Rig, and Guitar Combos.


    Out of the 4 I narrowed down to Amplitude 2 Lite and Guitar Combos.

    Amplitude Lite 2 is $129 at Stealth Plug. Also comes with a USB cable to plug your guitar right into your computer! Also hass Bass Amp and pedals. Check it out here:


    Guitar Combos is available for only $59 at American Music Supply here:


    They both sound damns good. Combos is $70 less. Is this a no brainer?

    Which one should I get?

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    Re: Advice on guitar amps

    Thanks for the reply Lee

    Although I dab a little with 12 String Acoutic Guitar, I will be using the amp sims for my VST guitar libraries. I should have pointed that out in my first post.

    Thank you.

    - Steve

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    Re: Advice on guitar amps

    Something to keep in mind about Guitar Rig 2 is that it comes with some nice bass amp sims. (Not sure about Guitar Rig 1 though). Scarbee's bass through GR2 amps sound AMAZING!

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    Re: Advice on guitar amps

    Hi clonewar

    I believe the NI Guitar Combos is based on the Guitar Rig 2 engine correct?

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