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Topic: Last Home

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    Last Home - [edit: new mix ]

    EDIT: New mix..more bass...more brass...and more percussion...check it out here:

    Unfinished, but I want to hear some comments/crits before I keep going.



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    Re: Last Home


    You are off to a very good start here. This has the very dramatic, epic sound to it. Nice scoring and output results. Do you have any particular project or event in mind that you have created this for? I will be interested in hearing the final result of your efforts on this.



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    Re: Last Home

    I was thinking along the lines of soldiers in some foreign land picking up their brothers-in-arms etc and making their way home...something like that. (Film)

    I got my hands on a bamboo flute sample today (from this site - thanks!) and added it in at the end...mp3 updated


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    Re: Last Home

    Dramatic and enticingly leading, Chris, with such
    a depth of foreboding implied in its opening... that
    low, sweet string writing just draws you in while
    the momentum builds slowly forward and upward
    to broader vistas and perspectives of hope... and
    on to pastoral revisitation of the initial statement.

    Keep it coming along, Chris; there is much promise
    in this, and some fine writing and orchestration.


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    Re: Last Home

    I love this, Chris, great work! I really enjoyed your string writing. Wow, the cinematic drums just came in... ooo, great brass staccato! Ah, it's building! The tension, the dynamics, the crescendo! And ... the solo string... nice!! Mmmm, some yummy portamento... oh, here's that flute, sounds great steadily flying above the strings. And the brass comes in once more... a small crescendo... and back to the solo string... and... no!! Oh no! It's over.

    Fantastic work! Beautiful orchestration! This is quite cinematic and conjures many fantastical images in my head. Bravo, Chris! I love it so far, I hope you will continue work with it.
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