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Topic: Pitchbend fix in the works?

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    Pitchbend fix in the works?

    Eight months ago I posted here asking if there would be a fix to the out-of-tune pitch bend problem with GPO. Any progress? Tom? Gary?

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    Re: Pitchbend fix in the works?

    i read your original post, and i understood that it will be fixed with the next GPO update, that is related to the release of kontakt 2 player (that depends more from NI than Mr. Garritan), that is planned to a near future, i believe. So i guess we need to wait a little more.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Pitchbend fix in the works?

    Marce is correct.


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    Re: Pitchbend fix in the works?

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I think you have to admit, though that having to wait 8 months and more for a little fix to pitchbend seems excessive. Pitchbend is such a basic function of any instrument, that for it not to "be right" for all this time... Call it a gut feeling, but I'm sure there are additional minor problems that could have been fixed and an minor update issued before having to wait for Kontakt Player 2 to show itself. Having said that, though, I recall that many months ago, in the "How Am I Doing" thread, Gary replied to my criticism of the Kontakt player by saying that there's very little he can do in terms of making changes or fixing bugs. So, all the more reason why IMO I think you guys should develop and hence be in charge of your own sample player. You wouldn't have your hands tied by the horrid little NI-based player and, if planned out correctly, could offer a lot more flexibility than the current player offers. I mean, really, there are SO many people these days who can code plugs...

    Anyway, back to the music

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