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Topic: Strad version 2?

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    Strad version 2?

    Wow haven't been on this forum for a while. Is there therefore a Strad version 2 either for sale or for download??

    Certainly don't think it is around in the UK yet

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    Re: Strad version 2?

    You're in luck! The Strad 2 was released last week. It sounds fantastic! Do your self a favor and buy it now!
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    Re: Strad version 2?

    ... and you can buy it from Time+Space, so hurry up now.

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    Re: Strad version 2?

    Hmm perhaps one of you two good people could tell me

    a) How it compares to the original Strad (I think the nki file i have was 1.7)
    b) How much it costs
    c) Whether there is an upgrade path from the origianal release of a year ago
    d) Are there additional keyswitches for additional violin techniques
    e) Does this second version work OK in the full version of Kontakt 2.1 or is it limited to the bundled 2.0 player. My Finale 2007 GPO 2.0 instruments don't load in the full version of Kontakt so I guess this might be the same

    I was very happy with the 1st version of the Strad but I guess having a lyrical version of the instrument would probably be nice.

    Thanks in anticipation
    Simon (UK)

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    Re: Strad version 2?


    Time+Space have an upgrade from v1.07 for £19.95 (incl. VAT) + shipping (£10 to Denmark, less to UK). It is woth it! You need to email Time+Space about it.

    The KeySwitches are the same as v1.07, but the sound is better and there are two instruments now, v2.01 and v1.08.

    Gary mentioned in another thread, that it is possible to load it into K2.11, but, unfortunately, I have not had any success with this yet. It just won't load. Besides, someone else mentioned, that it is not possible to edit the instruments in K2.11.

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    Re: Strad version 2?

    Thanks a lot on this Nickie. I am sure I will get the upgrade. Just a bit worried that with 1.07 i inserted the script in Kontakt 2.1 that interpreted CC7 as CC11 values. My keyboard is a bit of an old one an Ensoniq in fact so didn't streatch to outputing CC11 values. Still the new version of the Strad should work OK in Finale etc.
    Simon UK

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    Re: Strad version 2?

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon56
    Still the new version of the Strad should work OK in Finale etc.
    When the next maintenance update is released.

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    Re: Strad version 2?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    When the next maintenance update is released.
    I can confirm that! Also, Finale + Human Playback is going to be compatible with the Gofriller as well (and with the upcoming Viola and Contrabass...)

    What HP does with it? :
    - Take standard Finale notation (i.e. basic dynamics using velocity, slurs, articulations, etc) and turn into a Strad/Gofriller compliant performance on-the-fly (at playback time). No MIDI tweaking required (that's HP's main concept!)
    - Many techniques/articulations supported: Sustain, Legato, Mute, Staccato/Spiccato, Détaché (alternating short up/down bows), Natural Harmonics
    - Automatic Vibrato feature
    - Optimization for this very special Kontakt 2 programming (velocity, attacks, legato mode, etc)
    - Alternatively, "Apply Human Playback" plugin can be used to write and edit permanent MIDI data.

    More details soon...

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