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Topic: Noob introduces

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    Noob introduces

    Hi, just joined this place, hence the very small post count.

    I've put in an application for the GPO academy and I'd just like to ask how it al works, is the tutoring done by e-mail or MSN (or similar) or private messages? And what is taught? Is it possible to use Finale scores and send them back and forth?

    Thanks very much, Mark

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    Re: Noob introduces

    Hi Mark,

    For some time now I have been giving free lessons by email to users of Sibelius. Now that I have the latest version of Sibelius (4) that can import Finale files and export .pdf files, it should be possible for us to exchange scores.

    Please say what you want to learn:
    Traditional harmony
    or whatever.

    Email me at td@quorndon.com

    Terry Dwyer

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    Re: Noob introduces

    thanks very much, email sent

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