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Topic: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

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    Post The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    Diagnosis, cause and treatment.

    This recently discovered syndrome represents a serious threat to the mental health of the new customers of the Stradivari Player using a PC. Mac users are apparently not affected.

    THE DIAGNOSIS relies on the following symptoms:

    One installs the Stradivari Player on his PC, correctly sets midi input, midi controllers and audio card, starts playing, and hears...absolutely no sound.

    THE CAUSE was identified, using a sophisticated deductive strategy developed by Dr. Giorgio. Tommasini, Stefano. Lucato and Marius. Wilhelmi (Native Instruments), as two defective dll, namely NI_DFD_1_4.dll (direct from disc) and NI_IRC_1_1.dll, included into the installation package.

    The odd fact is that if a working DFD is already present on the system, the bugged files on the installation CD will not be loaded. In this case, the lucky customer will not be affected by the said syndrome.

    THE TREATMENT: this is one of those rare cases where appropriate treatments leads to complete recovery. It will be sufficient to overwrite the bugged dll by extracting the zipped working dll into the following folder:

    system drive:\WINDOWS\system32 (example C:\WINDOWS\system32 )

    The dll can be downloaded from http://www.garritan.com/Strad/Stradi...extensions.zip


    Giorgio Tommasini, MD,

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    Talking Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    quick fix!

    thank you!
    Bosco Adama

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    Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome


    Do you recommend those of use for whom the software is working to update this dll?
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    No Jamie, this means that your dll are already up to date.


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    Smile Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    Dear patients,

    Could I ask if the remedy was life-saving, fatal, or just a placebo?

    Dr. Giorgio

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    Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    Thanks guys. Nice to know you've contained that bug.

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    Talking Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    Perfect work giorgio ....Thanx to all of u moderators & members for helpful


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    Smile Re: The Silent Stradivari Syndrome

    Thank you Giorgio, the patient is sitting up and playing a few light scales.

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