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Topic: Dodgy note in Strad 2?

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    Dodgy note in Strad 2?


    To my ears, the E a 10th above middle C sound different (not as good) as the surrounding notes.

    Is it my ears, or the Strad?
    Richard N.

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    Re: Dodgy note in Strad 2?

    Richard, please bear in mind, that this note (E5) is the open E string (which is (usually) a steel string, as opposed to the gut of the others) on a violin. They may have chosen to sample the open string instead of E5 on the A string. If you apply vibrato, you won't notice the difference. If you play it senza vibrato, the sound is very much in line with the sound of the open E string, although maybe slightly subdued. You will notice something similar with G3, D4 and A4, without the difference in timbre due to the shift between gut and steel.

    In fact I find both version 2.01 and 1.08 to be remarkably uniform in timbre, more uniform than v1.07. Cudos to Giorgio and Steffano for that. The only note, I still think is a bit problematic, is B4. There is something metallic to it, when played con vibrato. Maybe it is the physical Strad's wolf tone. That could explain it.

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