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Topic: Many apps vs performance.

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    Many apps vs performance.


    I have my gaphics & multimedia applications like the Adobes & Macromedias installed on the same computer as my music applications.

    Will this affect the performance of my music system? if so, in what way?

    I am running Giga160 & Nuendo2 on the same machine (P4/3GHz/3GB RAM) with tons of plugins installed too.



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    Re: Many apps vs performance.

    It will only affect performance if you're running them all at the same time.

    Make sure your startup folder only has items that are necessary for running your computer properly. If there's any Adobe or Macromedia things in there, pull them out.
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    Re: Many apps vs performance.

    GS 2.5 seems more friendly with certain background apps.


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