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Topic: Lament for Trumpet and Piano

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    Lament for Trumpet and Piano

    Ok, I've been busy writing. I now have 4 pieces for my trumpet series. The following piece was written this morning (10/24/06). It is called:

    Lament for Trumpet and Piano

    It is a lament for the dead, but also a celebration of the life they lived.

    If this were a suite for trumpet, I would have them performed in the following order:
    1. Fantasy
    2. The Joke
    3. Lament
    4. Elegy
    Oh yes, it is all Finale 2007 and GPO samples.

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    Re: Lament for Trumpet and Piano

    Nice writing in this, again, William... the sprightly
    sections initially surprised me; but I would have to
    say that the contrasts work refreshingly into a
    satisfying rondo.

    I believe this will fit nicely with Elegy, as well; and
    the dance-like quality of the B sections bring in
    a suitable touch of "dance" one might expect to
    find in a third movement.


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