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Topic: Logic & distributed audio

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    Logic & distributed audio

    Is anybody on here using logic with the distributed Audio feature? Is it possible to use Distributed audio with a Mac Mini to off load some large sample needs?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    no, it is not.

    the sample based (like exs), the mulit-outs (like exs) and the non-logic plugs cannot make use of the feature at the moment.

    You could use OSX-MIDI over Lan and audio over lan streaming to integrate a mini, then you need to install tuff on the Mini regularly. You could use the free little AU that comes with the developer pack or RAX or anything that supports eht audio over AU lan plugins. For remote editing you could use ARD.
    I never tried it but it seems like latency could be a bit tricky.

    hope that helps

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    Audio-over-LAN is not yet a viable solution on Macs. Apple Remote Desktop works very well, though.

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    Not what I wanted to hear, but thanks for the info. Hopefully it will all pan out soon. Does anyone do this with a 2nd G5?


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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    I've used logic nodes on occasion. Granted it doesnt work with 3rd party stuff, or on busses which is a shame, but it does work well when using many processor-heavy effects and Logic virtual instruments, such as sculpture, guitar amps, space designer, etc. I haven't tried any off loading of sample libs (just doesnt seem worth the hassle right now).

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    Trust me, Jon, it won't do it. And yes, J., I have a second G5.

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    So nick, where do you pull your extra power? I have a windows machine I use to use for Giga that I've been running Vstack on. I'm amazed at how much it can't do compared to my G5! BUt if I just need to load up more and more orchestra, what's the work flow you'd suggest?

    And how do you get this machine count up with the copy protection issue on all the new Kontakt libs. Makes it really hard when they won't let you spread it across more than 2 machines.

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    I'm *so* 2004 - I treat my slave machines as MIDI modules. The only concession I make to modernity is that I use MIDI Over LAN (www.musiclab.com) instead of MIDI interfaces.

    But for audio I just connect everything with lightpipes feeding a MOTU PCI-424 system and a couple of boxes on my main G5.

    The K2 license is an issue, I'm afraid.

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    Well, I've been trying to use MIDI over LAN for almost 2 years now. I never can get my PC to behave. I hate not understanding windows. I can't figure out the networking on the windows end to make them talk. I guess I just have to do things the old way

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    Re: Logic & distributed audio

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    Trust me, Jon, it won't do it. And yes, J., I have a second G5.
    I guess I wasnt clear. I know nodes dont work with samples, but you can run stand alone instances of K2, etc, on another computer and access them via ethernet. I haven't had the need to do so yet though, seeing as how my main libs are all in EXS format, so I have yet to try it.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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