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Topic: what happened to sh ag strings?

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    Unhappy what happened to sh ag strings?

    I fired up GPO today and attempted to load up the short aggressive violin patch I've come to love so much BUT I can't find it on the list! It's several months since I used it in a song and I may have updated GPO since then. Does anyone know what happened to all the short aggressive string patches? Surely, the good folks at Garritan didn't remove these patches! Does anyone know where the short agressive string patcehs went or how I can achieve such sounds?



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    Re: what happened to sh ag strings?

    The Sus+Short Ag patches are, where they have always been: In the Section Strings.

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    Re: what happened to sh ag strings?

    I'll have to wait for Tom to give a good answer on this. I think this patch was removed as it was using a large amount of CPU usage which in turn was causing quite a large number of support calls.


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    Re: what happened to sh ag strings?

    They are in the x-folder section. My favorite patch btw.
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    Re: what happened to sh ag strings?

    They were not removed. If you have a properly updated version you should see (e.g. Violins 1):


    Note, also, the "9. Notation" folder. If you don't have these, you don't have the latest version.


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    Re: what happened to sh ag strings?

    Most likely you have re-installed GPO at some point since you last used the strings you are looking for. The short aggressive strings are part of the update, and you need to re-apply the update. Also sometimes the update creates another set of presets on top of the original ones (as in screenshot below - see the old 'DRY' patches left in tact by the update) so hunt around.

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