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Topic: Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

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    Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

    Recently, my theater class at school performed Sophocle's Antigone. I wrote an original score and performed as Creon, king of Thebes. As part of our conceptualization of the production, we decided to take a "modern" approach to the play, in the same vein of, for example, Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. While the dialogue was unchanged, the costumes, props, and scenery suggested a "business world," which happened to complement the theme of woman vs. man present in the play. As for the music, I took a similarly modern approach, aiming for a blend between strict orchestral (which is my usual style) and jazz. I also utilized leitmotif, so some melodic strains for Antigone and Creon are heard throughout. The score is relatively short - mostly a series of entrance/exit music. I've mixed it all into a medley (the URL? don't ask, I just borrow web space where I can).

    So, this is just a show-and-tell deal. The instruments are completely GPO and JABB (the more I use the saxophones the more I like them), with Sonitus:fx reverb. The score was notated and played back with Overture 4.0 (no actual performance involved in this).

    You can read about Antigone here.

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    Re: Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

    Sounds nice. Congrats!

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    Re: Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

    Very imaginative work!

    While listening I was completely captivated by the scope of textures here.

    The transitions between these elements were nicely done!..nothing forced,
    and well thought.

    Great job!


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    Re: Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

    I enjoyed this medley, very sure handling of the instruments, and some nice dramatic sound design elements.

    Nice Work. !!

    regards Joe

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    Re: Antigone - a Greek Tragedy

    Great job on this! Some strong, highly ingenious work
    in this... perhaps you'll "demedleyify" some of this
    at a later time, so we can hear more of the writing
    in depth?

    My best,


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