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Topic: Intermittent note dropouts

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    Intermittent note dropouts

    Hi everyone. I'm running Giga 3.2 Orchestra on a dedicated machine with a dual 3.2 GHz P4 and two gigs of RAM. I'm using a Midisport 4x4 MIDI interface and an M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 as the soundcard.

    My problem is that lately I've been having a whole lot of notes that are either not playing at all, or getting cut off in mid-note, for no apparent reason. I'm nowhere near my polyphony limit, there aren't overlapping MIDI messages for the same note, and the notes that get cut off are inconsistent. Sometimes it plays fine, but the problem has become more frequent in the last few days.




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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    Try increasing the buffer size on your soundcard.

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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    I have almost identical setup. For my education, could you tell me why do you use the Midisport interface?


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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    I bought the MIDIsport in 2002, along with buying my Giga PC, and was trying to do it as economically as possible. For the most part it's been fine, but there's been a couple of hiccups with Giga 3, maybe due to the increased polyphony needs.

    How's it been working for you?



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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    When you have the dropouts, what is the CPU % usage?
    DAW ONE: CPU: 3.4GHz; RAM: 2 GIGS DDR400; Mobo P4 GIGABYTE ;80GIG IDE HD;2 X WD SATA HD Raptors 10KRPM 74GIG in RAID 0;
    M Audio Firewire 410; Midisport 8X8

    Hauptwerk V3
    DAW TWO: CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core; RAM 4 gigs DDR2533: MOBO Asrock ConRoeFirex - eSATA2; 2 x SATA 80 GIG, HDs; M Audio Delta 1010 and a Delta 1010LT, soundcards; MOTU Express 128 i/f

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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts


    The AP2496 has it's own MIDI interface. I used to have one of those 2x2, but gave it away as soon as I got the AP2496. It works fine for me. But, hence my question, how do yo use your 4x4?


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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    The problem seems to have been fixed by upping the DMA buffer size on the card, I haven't had the problem since doing that...although it was only every once in a while before that, so it may or may not have been the deciding factor.

    I don't use the MIDI in on the card because I'm using Gigastudio, so I'm running the MIDI out of my Mac into a MOTU MTP-AV, then through four MIDI cables into the M-Audio MIDIsport 4x4, and then into the PC.

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    Re: Intermittent note dropouts

    I have almost Identical setup(but audio card is Digi 002) and I have the same problem of intermittent note dropouts when I do simultaneously program changes in several instruments. I have tried everything: increasing the
    buffer size on my soundcard, PC clean, increment the poliphony, etc...
    I believe that it can be bug of GS version 3.2. I have written to
    support of Tascam GS but I have not obtained answer. Only "alanb" member in this forum has answered me and I am desperate wasting the time in half
    of a work.

    Please Help and thanks.


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