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Topic: RME 9632 just stopped working.....HELP!

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    RME 9632 just stopped working.....HELP!

    Have had the card 3 years with no problems. Didn't do anything to my system (no hardware or software installations). Normally the card is synced to my ADAT from my 2408. Now it has no sync.
    Re-installed the original driver but the settings in the settings box were as I left them before uninstalling (Mixer and settings). In other words it seems that the mixer and settings panel were not uninstalled. ??????
    Tried to update to latest driver but system hangs when initiating the flash update. Could my card have just died?????
    Device manager says all is well.
    If anyone could enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Values in circled areas flash for a second when opening panel and then go blank.

    Dell P4 2.8
    1.5G RAM
    Win XP (with latest updates)

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    Re: RME 9632 just stopped working.....HELP!

    Have you checked the possibility that something happened to your optical cables? I'd try swapping them out if you haven't already.
    Will Loconto

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