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Topic: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

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    Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    Considering Emerald, I´d like to ask you about a few things. I use K2.

    1. Is there a problem that the samples are automatically saved in the wrong place? I´ve seen some complaints about this, and I'd hate having to search for lost samples every time I use Emerald.

    2. Ease of use. What´s you opinion?

    3. Is there any helpful documentation for a beginner with this library?


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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    1. It's been fixed I believe. But after you install it make sure you have K2 Update it's Database. That's really the key.
    2. Very easy to use but there are lots of patches. Time consuming to go through them so I wind up using the Keyswitch bigger patches mostly.
    3.That more a Kirk question. I just installed and started using it.
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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    Actually, if you have the most recent update which has been available for quite some time (I assume you're talking about the K2 version) you should not have to rebuild the database at all....the patches will load in right away. The problem was in the first generation of Emerald where the patches were erroneously saved as "absolute" path as opposed to the proper "relative" path.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    Hi Hebex. I have purchased recently KHSO Emerald, and a I have to say that I am extremely pleased.

    1.-No problem at all loading patches
    2.-Very easy to use, and very intuitive. Install and compose.
    3.-There is a PDF that is more than enough which explain all the keyswitches and abbreviations for patches names.

    4.-I am waiting for morphestra and ruby

    It is a fantastic library.
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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    I have to agree with the previous posters: Emeralds sounds are very good and usable! I especially like the gritty quality of some woodwinds (very good for shrill runs). Quite a few notes also have slight background noises, breath sounds, valve clicks and other artefacts e.g. from string bows. Personally I like that because it takes away from the sterility we are used from samples. I also find distinct differences in the timbres of various adjacent notes, sometimes veliocities (e.g. C3 sounds completely different than C#3). Again, I like this A LOT, because those little inconsistencies gives life to the performance! Couldn't find this in any other sample package I own!

    Unfortunately I have to disagree on the issue of documentation: IMHO that is the only lacking point of this otherwise excellent package.

    "Documentation" consists of a few confusing HTML-files (which are also available as PDF, but have been simply printed off-screen which results in awkward pageturns and bad readability) without much logical structure, confusing hyperlinks to various other sections, etc. I found it hard to find my way around it. To me it seems as if all the effort went into good samples, but the "documentation" was slapped together in 2 hours as an afterthought.

    I also have problems with the cryptic names of most intruments, the pitfall being that the explanations are spread out over a few pages of documentation which keeps you constantly browsing back-/forward to get information on a single topic.

    I hope this does not come across as a rant! Emerald is great and offers all the basic articulations you need for good orchestral music. If you dont need any fancy stuff, you can't go wrong! I never regretted buying it and I am sure nobody else will.
    Greetings from Vienna!
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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    Appreciate your feedback, guys!

    Hey Kirk, any chance of getting some decent documentation for the Emerald anytime soon? After all, if I buy the Emerald, I´m depending on a good manual for it to work -- there is just no product that is totally selfexplanatory for everybody. I shouldn´t be depending on pestering people in forums with my questions. There´s nobody in my local store who I could ask about it. And I´m sure you have better things to do than spending your time answering questions that could be explained in a good manual.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    As a guy who's been using the Giga version of Emerald since it came out, I have to say, that I've yet to refer to the manual... whenever I'm working on a new piece, I simply audition sounds till I find the sounds that are going to work for a composition... No matter what the description is in a manual, good or bad, it's what it's going to sound like to you that matters, and this is a very personal thing... My advice is just get it... For the price you can't go wrong...

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    Re: Kirk Hunter´s Emerald - critical questions

    I think tradivoro has a good point --although the presentation of the documentation leaves something to be desired, all you really need such as the patch and keyswitch list isn't hard to find and for the sounds themselves, just listen! As the library is easy to play and not full of obscure tricks and hidden features, I find the docs are in general up to the job.

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