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Topic: BWV1041-Tempo 1

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    Bach violin concerto

    After the "silent Stradivari" problem has been fixed at last I was able to get my hands on this very expressive instrument; well, I've been using it for just three days, so I think I can do better than this, but nonetheless I'm excited about the results. It's the first movement of Bach's Concerto in A minor for violin and strings. Strings orchestra is mainly GOS and solo violin is of course Stradivari 2.0




    click on "scarica"

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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1



    This is excellent, especially for only three days of using the Strad.

    Tackling the Bach Violin Concerto In A Minor is an ambitious first work and you have done admirably.

    This is another fine example of how the Stradivari can be used as a Concertmaster, or first chair violinist, with an orchestra.

    Encore! You made the Stradivari simply sing.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Thumbs up Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1


    A couple questions.

    Was the solo part performed real time, or with a notator/sequencer?
    How long did it take to complete it?


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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    Gary, thank you, I truly like this instrument. It has the playability of a physical model and the realism of the sample, and the controllers implementation give you endless articulation possibilities...
    This concerto has always been one of my favourites, I used to play it on the flute years ago, but it really shines on the violin.
    Thanks for your words,


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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    Giorgio, this is how I did the solo stradivari part:

    1) Played the whole score as musically as possible at reduced speed, say around 70 bpm (original is 104 bpm) taking care of phrasing, note velocities and vibrato intensity, with a fixed cc11 value to provide a constant instrument volume.
    2) While playing back the recorded track I have added the cc11 in realtime, following the performance dynamics. At this stage of my learning curve, I wasn't able to control this parameter together with the rest, but i reckon it should probably give the best results.
    The same, but with less attention to detail, applies to the orchestral parts.
    The whole thing took about four hours...
    I believe notation programs can't match the rhythmic complexity of a human performance, though some users in this forum do get excellent results.

    Thanks for your appreciation,


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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    Roberto, that was fun!

    thank you

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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    Hi Roberto, that is an excellent beginning with the Strad.
    It seemed to get better and better as the rendering developed.

    What glorious music, to practise the Stradi with.

    I think every musician in the world, at some time in their lives, has wished they played the violin.
    And now through the keyboard, and this fantastic instrument....................we can.

    Beautiful work, Roberto.

    regards Joe

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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    DPDan, thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by joaz
    I think every musician in the world, at some time in their lives, has wished they played the violin.
    This is very true in my case, and playing Bach's music in particular
    Thanks Joe


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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1


    You have made an excellent representation of this wonderful work by Bach. You efforts really show and the result is fantastic.

    You might enjoy some of my Bach transcriptions that I have previously posted to this forum. You can also find them on my music page.



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    Re: BWV1041-Tempo 1

    A most enjoyable listen, Roberto!

    Given the excellence of other work I have heard from you,
    it does not surprise me in the least that the Strad will
    sing in your hands, my friend.

    With my best,


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