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Topic: Halloween piece

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    Halloween piece

    The Art of Nosferatu, 6:51, 9.6Mb

    Narrative: It’s the vampire tale with a twist. Instead of your crusty ol’ no-talent vampire, this walking undead endures damnation as a virtuoso concert pianist, playing with super-human ability and intensity. Stalking the dead of night since the Middle Ages (he used to be a monk), he longs for release of his tortured soul, finding solace only in his art. The unholy creature entraps his female victims through play at the keyboard, drinking their blood for sustenance once they have come under the spell of his music.

    Cue sheet:

    (0:00, Crypt) : Our fantasy begins ominously at the stroke of midnight deep within the vampire’s crypt.

    (0:47, Awaken) : The vampire awakens & rises from his coffin.

    (1:17, Flight) : Nosferatu’s theme: appears whenever the vampire transforms, takes flight, does battle with foes, etc.

    (3:24, Trance) : The haunting trance theme, building to a ferocious climax.

    Rendered with GPO v1.2 Steinway piano, Overture 3.6.0, Ambience reverb.

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    Re: Halloween piece

    Wonderful. It's a very good piano piece. Technically difficult but with Halloween spirit. I enjoied this piece very much. Do you have the score???

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    Re: Halloween piece

    Very interesting piano piece. I enjoyed it very much.
    Right hand ostinato sounds very difficult to play in actual performance.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jun Yamamoto
    Tokyo, Japan

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    Re: Halloween piece


    Thanks for listening! Yes, I have a score, but it's not exactly publication ready. In terms of technique, I believe a working virtuoso would be up to most of it.


    Thank you for your comments! I learned the septuplet ostinato pattern from a Bartok piece many years ago, e.g: Bb G C A D Bb G [3 1 4 2 5 3 1], and can usually play it at that tempo, though it can be something of a toungue twister if one's fingers have never tried it before.

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    Re: Halloween piece

    Wow, Darwin, this is great. Love the build up toward the end. While piano may not be the creepiest instrument, your writing is very effective. Excellent work on this.

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    Re: Halloween piece


    Excellent work on this, Darwin; I thoroughly enjoyed
    this one... very ingenious writing, and highly effective
    throughout. A powerful, engaging composition, with
    real firepower and lasting impact -- I think many a fine
    concert pianist would delight at the chance to play it.

    As for playing it; yes, this is definitely doable. Get
    that score cleaned up, my friend, and get it out there.
    I might suggest www.LuLu.com if you'd consider self-

    With admiration,


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    Re: Halloween piece


    Thanks to you for taking the time to listen. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the piano a creep factor of maybe 7. For stand-alone instruments, I think the pipe organ beats all comers (well, it is the king of instruments). On the other hand, the Theremin is no slouch either, but lacks polyphony. Hmmm, massed Theremins, I wonder what that sounds like. Well, maybe next year...


    Thank you for the kind feedback. It is gratifying when a composer strikes a chord, so to speak.

    Actually, I'd never intended this to be a solo piece, but rather a skeletal piano mock-up in preparation of an imaginary film score, but I just don't have time to produce and sequence a finished orchestral score before the deadline, so I posted this instead. That's why the piano score is in no condition to be displayed. However, even when I do piano mockups, I try to keep it playable two-handed (or two-forearmed in this case ) just in case the need arises to demo it for someone, even if a bit under tempo. Of course, these days, one can just hit the "play" button, but old habits are hard to break.

    Publish, hmm..., that's a thought. I checked out LuLu.com and notice they have all sorts of stuff out there and I also note that you have several scores posted as well. I will consider it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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